Shop Around the World, We Will Deliver it  to Your Door in Kenya

Order Products from Amazon, Wallmart, Ebay, and Alibaba and we will deliver them to Kenya. We will handle everything: payment to the Vendor, customs tax and shipping to Nairobi.

Amazon Online Shopping in Kenya

Purchase products from Amazon, Ebay, Wallmart or Alibaba and we will deliver it to you. The process is just 3 steps: Install our shopping plugin on your desktop browser, Shop for your products on either Amazon, Ebay, Wallmart or Alibaba and we will ship it to  Kenya in.

Download Shopping Plugin

The shopping plugin will help you to check out using the Shopper’s Club details. This Plugin work on computer browsers only. It will not work on a phone’s browser. If you are reading this from a phone, Enter your email Here and we will email you the link for later.

Shop and Order your Product

Search for the product you want to purchase and add them to your shopping cart. Click on the button at top of the browser screen: Checkout with TheShoppersClub.

Pay Using M-Pesa

Clicking on the button will redirect you to TheShoppersClubs website. Where you will find the total amount payable. Pay using M-Pesa and your order will be complete. We will immediately start facilitating Shipping of your product to Kenya.

Buy on Amazon in Kenya

You can do your Amazon Online Shopping in Kenya and get your products delivered to you within 14 days! Yes, plus you do not have to use your credit card or ATM Visa Card. We accept M-Pesa for your Online Purchases. In addition to this, we will handle everything, including Customs Duty. All you need to do is shop, order and pay, and we will deliver it to you in Kenya. It’s that simple.

You may be asking yourself, Does Amazon ship to Kenya? The Answer is that Amazon themselves do not deliver to Kenya efficiently. That is where comes in, We will get your product from Amazon USA to you here in Kenya without the stress of wondering if your package is safe or whether it will ever arrive.

eBay Shipping to Kenya

You may be Asking yourself, does eBay ship to Kenya. Well, the answer is No. But this does not mean that you have no hope of ever buying anything from eBay. The days of sending a relative to shop online for you in the USA and deliver it to you are OVER! Just download theShoppersClubs Chrome or Firefox plugin and shop on eBay. Once you are done, Checkout using theShoppersClub button a the top of the browser screen and we will ship eBay products to Kenya for you.

The added advantage is that we will handle everything: Customs, VAT and shipping costs to Kenya. This means that you can enjoy international quality products right here in Kenya.

We Also Ship Products From the Following Online Stores

We also support Wallmart, Alibaba and many more coming soon.

More Coming Soon.

Still not Sure, Check Out What Our  Customers Say About Us.

Our customers have wonderful things to say about us.  They are a testament to the great service we offer and the trust that we have gained over the period we have been working with the.

Diana Kemboi

No need to travel all the way to the USA or Canada for me to shop from global markets like Ebay anymore. I saved my time shopping with them

Harry Tumani

This company is great. Courtesy of their great customer service. The way they connect with customers once the goods are delivered in Nairobi is incredibly great. Look forward to doing business with them always.

Jesse Oduor

The confirmation of the different status of my order is so systematic. I am always informed on when my different goods have been successfully placed, arrived and ready for delivery to my doorstep. Happy.

George Musya

I feel the gap between me and the global stores is hugely cut. I need to shop small hence checked out with them from alibaba store. I spared the fare to travel. THey delivered my goods in Juja Town. Great business model.

Willy Waithaka

The Shoppers Clubs are just amazing. Timely, Efficient and Reliable. Just had my load delivered on time and to my doorstep. Go far!

Esther Mwendwa

These guys are just superb. Ordered from Amazon, checked out with them, Paid them and surely helped deliver exactly what I ordered in the right quantities and specifications.

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